Turkey announces new YEKA wind power plant competitions


The Department of Energy and Natural Resources (“Ministry“) announced the details of the new competitions for wind power plants for the allocation of zones of renewable energy sources (Yenilenebilir Enerji Kaynak Alanları, YEKA) and connection capabilities. According to the ministry, competitions will be organized for 42 connection zones in order to allocate a connection capacity of 2000 MWe.

Only legal persons incorporated as limited liability companies or joint stock companies according to the Turkish Commercial Code may participate in tenders. Financial suitability and experience are not required to apply, but certain conditions and documents are defined in the specifications (ÅŸartnamer). Specifications can be obtained from the ministry’s website, which can be viewed here. The application fee for each competition is 2,000 TRY (bank transfer information can be found here).

In order to participate in each offer, applicants must present a letter of guarantee valid for one (1) year, which can be fully or partially converted to cash, in the amount of TRY 500,000 for units of electrical power established in megawatts. In the event that the competition is won, the winner must provide a letter of guarantee valid for ten (10) years, which may be fully or partially converted into cash, in the amount of TRY 1 million for established electrical power units. in megawatts.

The maximum purchase price of electric power for each offer is 0.45 TRY / kWh (0.044 EUR / kWh). The electric power purchase period is the period during which the first 35 MW of electric power produced for each value of MW is injected into the distribution system.


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