This ERCOT dashboard lets you track energy supply forecasts throughout Texas


The now infamous Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is offering residents a little surprise they might find beneficial as cold weather descends on the Lone Star State on Thursday: a real-time digital dashboard that tracks demand and provides for statewide power availability.

Located on the ERCOT website, the “Network and Market Conditions” page features an updated table of data points, including a “Supply and Demand” chart, a gauge showing operating reserves available at state energy providers and a line graph plotting the “System-Wide Demand” power. Regional forecast maps and localized energy prices are among the other resources featured on the page.

“These dashboards provide an overview of current conditions in the ERCOT system,” the page description reads. “The timestamp on each indicates when the information was last updated. Click the Full View link on a dashboard for an expanded view.”

These tools come at a time of high anxiety due to the encroaching low temperatures and rainfall expected in Texas on Thursday evening. “Winter mixing” is possible in the Houston area, prompting the city to lay preventative salt on a number of bridges to deter icing.

Local HEB stores should remain stocked despite the inclement weather, according to Lisa Helfman, senior director of public affairs HEB, Houston. “While some stores have seen an increase in customer traffic [Wednesday] night, we are used to weather adjustments and our teams are restocking quickly,” she said in a statement Thursday.

On Wednesday, ERCOT released a “final winterization report” in conjunction with the Texas Public Utilities Commission, saying the state’s power grid was “more prepared than ever” for winter conditions. The statement said 321 of the 324 rated power generating units and transmission facilities in the state have fully met the new winterization codes required by the commission.

“We are confident that these 321 inspected facilities meet or exceed the Commission’s new requirements and we will continue to work with the other 3 facilities to ensure they address the remaining deficiencies,” said Woody Rickerson, vice-president. President of System Planning and Weatherization of ERCOT. . “Our teams have spent thousands of hours preparing for and carrying out these 324 on-site inspections to ensure the power grid is winter ready.”

Fingers crossed, all of you.


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