No “strategic interest” in reducing world energy supply with Russian sanctions

Protesters in Tbilisi, Georgia watch a speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on March 4. (Vano Shlamov/AFP/Getty Images)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for solidarity during a speech on Friday in several European cities.

During Zelensky’s live message via Zoom, he encouraged Europe to stand with Ukraine and observed a minute of silence to honor those who fell in this war, saying, “This first minute, I would like to dedicate the minute of silence to those who have fallen in the fight for their country, to our soldiers, to those who serve … those who work as pilots, those who perform heroic deeds in different fields protecting their country and have gave their lives for it.”

“Let’s commemorate the soldiers. Rest in peace,” he said during the call with several European cities, including Bratislava, Frankfurt, Prague, Lyon, Tbilisi, Vienna and Vilnius.

Zelensky also shared some thoughts on forces across Europe, as well as “ordinary people” in Ukraine.

“I would like to wish all the best to the peoples of Europe… This is how our soldiers, our heroes… greet each other these days. These are the people who protect their homes, they protect our Ukraine , they are protecting our Europe, they are protecting your Europe and they are greeting each other, wishing each other good health,” the Ukrainian president said.

“But recently, the soldier’s salute, this army salute, is something that ordinary people are starting to use in their daily language when they greet each other because we are protecting our country from the Russian invasion, the Russian attack. We are protecting our homes and our land fully and out of [Russian] war and Russian aggression,” Zelensky said. “Today our servicemen, some of our servicemen, serve our country in the army, others serve as doctors with scalpels in their hands to carry out the operations surgical. [Others] work to protect children and their families. And this is our heart, this is the heart of Ukraine, united against evil.”

Zelensky used the last part of his speech to address people across the European continent, promising victory for Ukraine and all of democracy.

“I would like to dedicate you, to the people of Europe. I would like to ask you not to be silent. I would like you to take to the streets and support Ukraine, support our efforts and support our fight because if Ukraine will not resist , Europe will not resist. If we fall, you will fall, so don’t shut up, don’t turn a blind eye to this,” Zelensky said.

“Come and support Ukraine as much as you can… And if we win, and I’m sure we will win, it will be a victory for the entire democratic world. This will be the victory of our freedom. will be the victory of light over darkness, of freedom over slavery. And if we win, we will become as flourishing as Europe, and Europe will flourish more than ever after this magnificent victory. Glory to Ukraine.

Zelensky then raised his fist in the air in salute.


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