Nevada Vanadium to Collaborate with Hitachi Energy to Develop Renewable Energy Sourcing Strategy for Gibellini


Vancouver, British Columbia–(Newsfile Corp. – June 14, 2022) – Nevada Vanadium Mining Corp. (“Nevada vanadium” or the “Company“) is pleased to announce that it has selected Hitachi Energy, the world leader in power grid technology and market, to provide consultancy services related to the development of a renewable energy supply for the future Gibellini mine. Under the agreement, the two companies will work together to define the energy needs of all mining operations at the site, as part of the first phase of the development of a 100% renewable power supply to meet the energy needs of As part of the project, Hitachi Energy will work closely with M3 Engineering & Technology (“M3”), which is responsible for the overall design of the mine operation at Gibellini.

The Hitachi Energy and M3 team ensure that the design of the required energy systems provides safe and reliable power while improving the overall economics of the project. Among the elements examined in this collaboration are:

  • The typical power profile of the mine;

  • Instantaneous maximum equipment requirements for normal, emergency and transient operations;

  • Supply power profiles, interconnection options and general distribution network infrastructure capabilities;

  • Ratings required by utilities for interconnection;

  • Considerations required by utilities for renewable energy, microgrids and storage facilities;

  • Opportunities for CO2 equivalent emission reductions through the electrification of emission sources; and

  • Opportunities for partnerships with local actors to provide sustainable energy to rural communities.

The Gibellini Project is expected to be the first primary mining of vanadium in the United States, with operations expected to begin by 2024. Vanadium is listed as a critical mineral by the U.S. Geological Survey due to the wide range of uses industrial, including national. defense, aerospace, grid-scale energy storage and rebar steel fabrication. There is currently no primary production of vanadium in the United States – China and Russia currently produce about 75% of the world’s vanadium supply.

Over the past year, the U.S. government has taken a variety of steps to signal its commitment to developing a secure and vibrant domestic supply of critical minerals needed to support efforts to modernize the nation’s infrastructure, build a more sustainable energy system and strengthening national security. The Gibellini project falls within these objectives.

Nevada Vanadium is considering the installation of a microgrid and battery energy storage system, powered by solar power generated at the site, to supply the mine with clean, reliable, renewable energy. 24 hours a day, self-sufficient and profitable. As part of the consultancy, Hitachi Energy will study the requirements for establishing connections between the site and the local power grid. While the project is expected to be energy self-sufficient, grid ties could allow the Company to supply power to the grid, and potentially to local communities, when production is high, while providing a power source of back-up to ensure reliable continuity. of its operations.

“We chose Hitachi Energy as our partner for this project because of their deep understanding of the energy needs of large-scale industrial operations, their extensive experience in the mining industry, and their proven expertise in integrating power sources. variable and renewable energy in the power grids,” said Ron Espell, CEO of Nevada Vanadium. “Hitachi Energy also brings a wealth of knowledge on the design and deployment of microgrids and energy storage systems through drums, which will be essential as we move forward in the later stages of this project.”

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