Merger of distribution and supply in the electricity sector being implemented


Muscat: In order to improve efficiency and reduce electricity operational and administrative costs, Nama Group continues to work on implementing the integration of distribution and supply companies.

The group is currently working on merging the distribution and supply companies of the group into two companies – one supply company and another distribution company in all governorates of the Sultanate except Dhofar, according to an official source. communication and sustainability. Nama Group department.

The step aims to increase proficiency and reduce operating and administrative costs. The source said the initiative to restructure the distribution and supply companies was part of a package of initiatives aimed at overhauling costs in the electricity sector.

The source said that Nama Holding is working with a number of government departments represented by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, the Oman Investment Authority (OIA) and the Utilities Regulatory Authority on the execution of all initiatives, including that on merging the distribution and supply businesses.

The source also pointed out that there are currently four distribution and supply companies in Oman (excluding Dhofar Governorate) and that after the restructuring there would be one company for supply services (pictured by billing and collection) and another company for distribution services and for the meter. and low voltage networks, including the installation of power lines and transformers for the distribution of service to customers.

The initiative on restructuring aimed to reduce costs in the electricity sector in the medium term and to upgrade the capacity of the group and to develop service and customer satisfaction with the services offered as well as the service development to keep abreast of the technological evolution of customer services.

The year 2021 saw the approval of more billing and payment activities which facilitated the online receipt and payment of bills, the source said adding that the number of e-payment channel customers is increased to over 63% of all payments collected from customers. .


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