Liberty Generator Review: Real Guide to Alternative Home Power Source?


The cost of living is rising at an alarming rate. Many people are looking for alternative energy sources to cut costs on one of their biggest expenses. These alternative energy sources claim to offer freedom from the grid, helping you cut costs on monthly bills and reduce over-reliance on electricity.

Therefore, several companies are developing products claiming to help reduce monthly electricity bills. However, most of these solutions do not offer complete independence from electricity. You will still depend on electricity to run your regular household appliances.

For total independence, you must develop a system that will allow you to generate your energy. The Liberty generator is one such system that can help you generate power at home. It is an invention of Abel Thomas, who claims that it offers good results.

What is Liberty Generator?

Liberty Generator is a digital guide that helps people create their home energy source. The generator uses biogas to generate energy for use at home. Although biogas is not a new concept, it has not been widely applied in energy production.

Unlike other biogas equipment, a Liberty generator can be used in households on different scales. It provides long-lasting power at a low cost, making it ideal for home installation. The creator has simplified the structure to allow owners to develop the system without the need for any professional.

How does the Liberty generator work?

The guide comes with a video and a PDF file that give step-by-step instructions on how to create the Liberty generator. The generator uses an operating principle similar to a typical biogas power generator. It uses the organic waste generated by your home and placed inside a tank.

Inside the tank, the waste decomposes to produce propane gas. The propane is then used to generate fuel used for cooking and running electrical appliances. This system reduces over-reliance on large power companies and ensures a constant supply of electricity to your home.

What does the Liberty generator guide include?

The main purpose of the guide is to provide detailed information on how to set up the system at home. The guide is accompanied by several products to ensure a good understanding by the readers. Below are the materials each user gets after buying the Liberty generator guide:

Video guide

The set comes with a video file that explains how to set up the system. It also includes the materials used, making it an easy-to-follow guide that helps with understanding.

Blueprints and blueprints

The master plan and plans show the general layout of the system. The plan displays the exact style as demonstrated by the creator. It also guides homeowners in the correct construction of the Liberty generator.

Material lists

You will need to put different materials together to create the final product. Therefore, the Liberty generator guide also provides a list of materials needed. This list will help you gather all the materials before starting the project. It also helps identify which items are available and which ones you need to buy.

What are the benefits of Liberty Generator?

Using the Liberty Generator guide has several advantages. Some of these benefits include:


Unlike other biogas generators, the Liberty generator’s operating and maintenance costs are low and suitable for all homes, regardless of size. It uses organic waste generated at home, making it sustainable and affordable.

Once you have purchased the guide, you can develop multiple systems using it.

Easy to follow and assemble

The materials suggested by the guide are readily available. No professional is needed to build the system, which makes it inexpensive. Assembling the different parts is easy.

It helps reduce monthly energy bills

More and more people are turning to alternative energy sources to help lower their monthly costs. A Liberty generator can help lower your monthly bills by providing cooking fuel and electricity to run appliances.

The creator claims that a properly constructed system will save at least 60% of the electricity bill.

Accurate blueprints and plans

The blueprints and blueprints that accompany the guide represent the original system created by the creator. He helps build a replica of the original Liberty Generator.

Sustainable and scalable

Unlike other systems, a Liberty generator is a sustainable source of energy. It’s also flexible, allowing you to create a system that fits your available space. The Liberty generator helps you get the best power output regardless of the size of your home.

Where to Buy Liberty Generator Guide

All interested people are welcome to purchase the Liberty Generator e-Guide from the official website. This ensures that all customers get the original guide and avoid buying counterfeit products from other sources.

All purchases made from the official website come with a 60-day money back guarantee. The official price on the official website is $49.97. Save your email address for contact information in case you have additional questions or want to inquire about the money-back guarantee.

Final Verdict on Liberty Generator

The Liberty Generator Guide is a genuine product that provides systematic procedures for generating your energy. Despite other existing solutions, the Liberty Generator offers a cheap energy solution. Visit the official site today and get a copy of the Liberty Generator guide! >>>


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