Li says stable energy supply crucial for economic growth


Premier Li Keqiang during his three-day fact-finding tour in southwest China’s Yunnan Province, May 18, 2022. (Photo/Xinhua)

Prime Minister urges businesses to take advantage of abundant river flows

Premier Li Keqiang has stressed that a stable power supply is a key factor supporting economic growth and stable commodity prices, saying the country will resolutely prevent the occurrence of electricity crises like the ones that led when factories closed last year.

Li made the remarks while visiting an operation center for the West-East Electricity Transmission Program in Yunnan Province, as part of his three-day fact-finding tour of the Southern Province. western China which started on Tuesday.

He urged power companies, especially hydropower plants, to seize the opportunities presented by this year’s abundant river flows and step up their power generation efforts.

Li has recently repeatedly stressed the importance of ensuring stable energy and grain production and supply, as China’s economic activity has been disrupted by COVID-19 outbreaks and logistical blockages in China. from the end of March.

During the tour, which took him to Qujing and Kunming, the provincial capital, Li also pledged during a visit to a Yi ethnic village to issue another package with a one-time grant for farmers’ production materials.

Adequate grain supply is a key factor in ensuring social stability, he said, adding that more support should be given to farmers due to the high price of agricultural production materials.

As Li spoke with small business owners and truck drivers, he pledged to roll out policies that offer interest deferrals on loans to small businesses and the self-employed.

At Yunnan University, he encouraged students who attended a job fair to put what they had learned to use, saying finding a job could not only create wealth for their families, but also put their academic skills to the test.

The country is expected to see an all-time high of 10.76 million university graduates entering the job market this year, and Li called for strengthened employment promotion measures and services to help them find jobs.

When the Prime Minister visited Wingtech Technology Co, which specializes in semiconductors and communications products, he pledged to provide a level playing field for companies of different ownership types.

He urged companies to step up the momentum of innovation and opening up and bring together cutting-edge Chinese and foreign elements.

Li told small business owners that the government would increase measures to help them overcome their financing difficulties.


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