Holcomb Scientific Research Unveils All-New Zero-Emission Power Source

The Holcomb Energy System

[Dublin, Ireland] Holcomb Scientific Research Ltd (HSR), a research and development company, has announced a scientific breakthrough in 100% clean energy generation with the launch of the Holcomb Energy System (HES). The HES, comprised of a suite of pioneering and patented technologies, presents an all-new source of true electric power generation capable of solving critical global issues such as climate change, pollution and universal access to electricity. .

By harnessing the previously untapped energy of electron spin in electrical steel, the HES eliminates the need for any external energy source, such as solar, wind or fossil fuels. Products are verified and certified by SGS and DNV-GL, the world’s leading witness verification companies, and certified to UL and NEC (National Electric Code) standards.

HSR was co-founded and invented by Dr. Robert Holcomb MD, Ph.D., a prestigious scholar and physician with decades of experience in the medical, scientific and energy industries. A pioneer of modern invention with hundreds of patents, Dr Holcomb said: “Conventional generators are the foundation of the modern world, but the technology has not improved significantly since it was first conceived nearly 100 years ago. 200 years. I call on the peoples of our world to chart a course for our leaders – let us relegate fossil fuels to the annals of history and bring clean energy to a world that desperately needs it.

All three products are completely fuelless, zero emissions, have no moving parts, operate completely silent, require virtually no maintenance, and are completely scalable wherever electric power is needed – on or off the grid. The HES includes the following three patented technologies:

The HES line generator (ILPG)

The ILPG takes power from any source – be it the grid or renewables like wind and solar – and dramatically increases power generation, reducing energy costs and carbon footprint up to 80%. The ILPG can be used for a variety of personal, commercial, and industrial uses, including homes, apartments, factories, office buildings, and along the grid.

The HES Autonomous Power Generation System

The HES self-contained power generation system operates independently of any external power source in a self-looping and self-regenerating manner, powering itself while simultaneously powering any size electrical load. This system is scalable for residential and commercial applications, transportation, consumer electronics and along the power grid.

The HES phase converter

The HES Phase Converter converts single-phase or split-phase power to three-phase power, while simultaneously increasing power output, reducing energy costs and carbon footprint by up to 80%. Solid-state and adjustable without computers, rectifiers or inverters, the HES phase converter offers a modern, inexpensive and reliable solution to the drawbacks of current phase conversion methods.

Dr. Holcomb works alongside her co-founder, Ellen Holcomb, who concluded: “We are in a race against time to turn the tide on some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing our world today – pollution , climate change and endless wars over fossil fuels. The launch of the Holcomb Energy System is an important step towards solving these problems and gives us hope that a better future awaits us. Together we can work to save lives, save money, and most importantly, save our beautiful planet.

This launch of the HES brings the HSR out of stealth mode after 13 years of intensive research and product development. The HES already powers two industrial facilities in the United States – a 12,000 square foot manufacturing building and two 2,400 square foot commercial facilities, effectively reducing electricity bills and carbon footprint by approximately 80%.

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