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From Isaac AnumiheAbuja

following the refusal of gas companies to supply gas to power generation companies because of the huge debts owed to them, the federal government yesterday ordered the Nigerian company Bulk Electricity Trading Plc (NBET) to enter into accelerated negotiations with Agip Oil (NAOC) on an interim power sale agreement to connect the new Okpai Il power plant to the grid.

This, according to the government, would bring an additional 400 MW of power.

In a statement, Energy Minister Abubakar Aliyu said the “pigging” of the gas pipeline supplying gas to the Odukpani power plant was due to be completed on March 21, 2022, increasing output by around 400 MW. .

It reads in part: “In order to optimize the utilization of the capacity of the power stations owned by the Niger Delta Power Holding Company Ltd (NDPHC), the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has approved special tariffs gas for emergency gas contracts from the Nigerian Gas Marketing Company Limited.

“We expect approximately 800 MW of on-grid generation capacity improvement from the NDPHC plants.

“In the medium term, we have reached an agreement with NGPIC (a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation) on the framework for the revamp of the Okoloma gas processing plant, thus restoring the full capacity of the plant 650 MW Afam VI combined cycle.

“While the recent series of system collapses is regrettable, it was the direct consequence of a snap on a 330 kV transmission line. Mitigation measures to avoid such an incidence of power outages are being put in place. implemented through several interventions, including the President’s Food Initiative.


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