Fact check: Leni Robredo’s claim on energy supply needs


Vice President and presidential candidate Leni Robredo recently cited a projection that the country’s energy supply would dry up by 2024 and mentioned the Malampaya gas field in the same breath.

RATING: The statement needs context as it was unclear whether it was referring to the expiration of Malampaya’s contract or the expected depletion of supplies.

THE CONTEXT: Malampaya, a deepwater energy source located northwest of Palawan, produces an average of 429 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. It generates about 20% of the country’s electricity by supplying five power stations in Luzon.

Describing a predicted power shortage during the CNN Philippines presidential debate on Feb. 27, Robredo said at 2:00:07:

‘Yung ating supply of kuryente kailangang asikasuhin natin. Alam natin na by 2024 ‘yung Malampaya—talagang paubos na yung ating energy source (We have to regulate our electricity supply. We know that by 2024, Malampaya – our source of energy is about to run out).

Service Contract No. 38, an agreement allowing a consortium between Shell Philippines Exploration BV (SPEx), Udenna Corp. and the Philippine National Oil Company Exploration Corp. to develop and operate the Malampaya gas field, will expire in 2024. Robredo mentioned the year in the debate.

Meanwhile, a 2018 report from the Ministry of Energy said Malampaya’s gas reserves are expected to gradually decline from this year and will run out in 2027. Robredo referred to Malampaya but not 2027 in the debate.

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