ERC offers a fixed energy supply mix


Energy Regulatory Commission Chair Agnes Devanadera has proposed a fixed 40-year energy supply package to guide investors and secure the country’s energy needs.

“Providing a specific capability and technology target will provide investors with better signals as to where they should invest,” Devanadera said.

She said the power mix should be technology-specific with a target capacity increase each year.

It is among the list of proposals she has prepared for the incoming administration to help reduce electricity costs.

“The target supply mix should also be set for the next 40 years. Investments in energy projects are capital intensive and long term. Thus, the target composition of the supply should not change from time to time. Otherwise, investors will end up with stranded investments from which they can no longer recover. It will also deter future investors,” Devanadera said.

She said that over the past six years, the national government has aimed to increase the use of renewable energy sources, but no fixed energy supply mix has been put in place.


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