Coyote Power Plant Provides Economical Power Source for NorthWestern Energy South Dakota Customers


SIOUX FALLS, SD, September 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Coyote Power Plant, a jointly owned coal-fired plant in Beulah, North Dakota, is an important energy resource for NorthWestern Energy’s 63,900 customers in the South Dakota. NorthWestern Energy owns a 10% interest in the facility.

On September 1, Otter Tail Power Company, which owns 35% of the facility, filed an integrated resource plan with its regulatory boards in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. The plan concludes that continued operation of the plant is no longer in the best interests of Otter Tail Power‘s customers and requests permission to withdraw from the property in 2028.

For NorthWestern Energy customers, the Coyote Power Plant remains a critical 24/7 on-demand source of generation power that is reliable when demand is high, such as the extreme winter conditions of February 2021 that have required continuous power outages to keep the grid stable and during periods of extreme heat felt this summer. Co-owners continue to collaborate to analyze data and weigh decisions that impact the plant, our employees, our customers and our communities. However, the ongoing analysis from NorthWestern Energy indicates that the Coyote plant will continue to provide economical and reliable power to our customers well into the future, in the absence of new state or federal regulatory requirements or significant increases in costs. operating costs.

NorthWestern Energy’s semi-annual South Dakota power supply plan will be submitted to the South Dakota Utilities Commission at the end of 2022. The long-term value of the Coyote plant will be addressed in the plan.

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