Breweries told to stop making BEER after Putin choked off Germany’s energy supply, which could cancel Oktoberfest


GERMAN breweries have been ordered to halt beer production, fearing Oktoberfest will be canceled after Russia cut off gas supplies.

Hanover has become the first major European city to be affected by despot Putin’s decision.


Octoberfest could be canceled due to the energy crisisCredit: Getty

Authorities have announced that the heating of public buildings and swimming pools will be turned off.

Meanwhile, Berlin has started turning off the floodlights illuminating its historical monuments and the city of Augsburg has decided to turn off public fountains.

Other cities are expected to join in energy-saving efforts as the gas shortage threatens other parts of German life.

The famous Oktoberfest event could still be canceled for the third year in a row. It was removed in 2020 and 2021 for the pandemic.

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Rosi Steinberger, a member of Bavaria’s regional parliament, told The New York Times that the country’s Christmas markets could also be cut.

And non-essential industries – including Bavarian breweries – could be forced to close in a bid to conserve energy amid soaring gas prices.

Germans have been warned of an upcoming “gas surcharge” on top of their already high energy bills to prevent suppliers from going bankrupt.

Robert Habeck, Minister for the Economy, said: “We cannot yet say how much gas will cost in November, but the bitter news is that it is certainly a few hundred euros per household”.

The new fee will be in place in October and is expected to last until at least March 2024.

Elsewhere, Belgium has reversed its phasing out of nuclear power, while the Netherlands and Austria are switching to coal-fired power plants.

The energy crisis was sparked earlier this week when Russian energy giant Gazprom throttled supplies by 20%.

Hanover Mayor Belit Onay said the “imminent gas shortage” meant he had to cut energy consumption by 15% in the Lower Saxony capital.

Before the war in Ukraine, Germany bought 55% of its natural gas from Russia.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has launched a nationwide campaign to save energy, with the EU agreeing this week to cut the use of Russian gas across the bloc.

Turning off air conditioning, promoting public transport and even promoting more efficient showerheads are among the drastic efforts to reduce energy consumption in Germany.

Officials have warned the Kremlin could cut supplies this winter in furious retaliation for crippling Western sanctions on Moscow for the war.


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