Biden seeks to secure Europe’s energy supply on ME trip


At the beginning of his speech, Nasrallah offered his condolences to Abdul Malek Al-Houthi, the leader of Ansarullah in Yemen, following the death of “Allameh Abdu-Salam”, the secretary general of the Union of Ulemas of Yemen.

Hezbollah’s secretary general also said the current situation in the United States was different from that of 2006, noting that “President Joe Biden’s old age reflects the aging of the United States.”

He said the United States had in effect launched a war in Ukraine against Russia, adding that Washington was trying to block Russia’s revenue from oil and gas exports.

He also referred to the US president’s trip to the Middle East and said Biden was seeking to secure Europe’s energy supply from Middle Eastern countries.

“Biden’s visit is primarily aimed at forcing Gulf states to export more gas and oil and maintaining Israel’s security.”

He added that Biden had nothing to present to the Palestinian people during the trip.

Nasrallah also advised Biden to end the war on Yemen and give Yemenis the chance to reach a political solution instead of extending the truce.

The Hezbollah leader further said that the Saudi-UAE-led coalition was fighting Yemen on behalf of the United States.

He went on to say that the Israeli regime is incapable of carrying out ground operations against Lebanon and only pin its hopes on airstrikes.

Nasrallah addressed Israel’s Minister of War, Benny Gantz, saying “You are threatening Lebanon while your army has failed to advance a few meters into blocked Gaza.”

He stressed: “Your threat to invade Beirut, Sidon and Tire is insignificant”.

Nasrallah went on to say that “the resistance is the only power that can protect Lebanon and its resources.”

“We can hinder Israeli efforts to extract gas and oil from the Karish field,” the Hezbollah leader added.

“All Lebanese agree that the only way to solve the national economic crisis is to extract and sell maritime gas,” he added.

He went on to point out that the US promise to help Lebanon resolve the energy crisis was just empty words.

“When the Zionist enemy starts extracting gas from the Karish field, Lebanon will find it difficult to guarantee its related rights,” he said, adding, “Never let the United States deceive you by losing gas. time and letting “Israel” extract the maritime gas”.

He also noted that the American mediator, Amos Hochstein, underestimated Lebanese officials and rights.

Nasrallah further stressed that “you must harness the power of the Resistance to defend Lebanon’s rights”, adding that “Hezbollah has never promised anyone to avoid military acts aimed at guaranteeing Lebanon’s rights”.

The Hezbollah leader also said the drones sent to fly over Karish were intended to send a clear message to the enemy about the capabilities of the Resistance.

“Hezbollah simultaneously flew three drones over Karish in order to be shot down by the Zionist enemy, which terrifies the companies operating on the ground,” he said, adding that “Hezbollah will attack the Israeli enemy via ground forces, navy or air force in order to protect Lebanon’s maritime rights.

He said Hezbollah may send more drones, armed or unarmed, to the Karish field in the future.

He went on to emphasize that all Lebanese must be united to guarantee the rights of the country.



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