Verly Personal Finance has started with car loans

Verly Personal Finance, which you can see a little everywhere on this site as they have previously offered everything from smaller private loans up to large mortgages, has now also started with car loans. This in itself may not sound exciting, but there is one thing that sets Verly Personal Finance apart from the other lenders that is clearly interesting.

Having the opportunity to borrow money even if the car is bought privately

Having the opportunity to borrow money even if the car is bought privately

Is a canon since you can often find a car of the same quality cheaper if you ship the intermediary. For most lenders, you can only take out a car loan if the car is purchased by an authorized car dealer. At Verly Personal Finance you can of course take a car loan when you buy from a car dealer, but you can also borrow money if the car is purchased privately.

If you buy a car privately they will write as themselves: ” If you buy from a private person we will book a time for a quick test of the car in consultation with you and the seller “. This is so that both you and the bank can feel secure in the fact that the car has the right value and thus can stand as collateral for the loan.

Some conditions that apply 

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– The annual model of the car should be 2000 or later.
– When the loan period is over, the car must not be older than 10 years.
– At least 20% cash deposit.
– You must have an annual income of at least SEK 120,000.
– The minimum age is 20 years.
– You must have a permanent home and be written in Sweden.
– You can borrow a maximum of SEK 400,000.
– Payback period maximum 6 years.
– The interest rate is currently 4.25%.
– The setup fee is 495 for purchases from car dealers and SEK 995 for purchases from private individuals.
– The notification fee 40 SEK / month (0 SEK at direct debit).
– Effective interest rate on loans of SEK 100,000 and 5 years is 5.46%.


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