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The new century has also brought us a number of new and innovative services in the financial market. Once upon a time, you could only dream of sending out a loan request from the comfort and warmth of your own home, and it will be approved in one day.

Today, this is one completely normal thing that we were the first to introduce in Croatia. What is it exactly about. A quick sms loan is a service that our existing clients can ask for money by sending an sms code. To be able to use the sms loan service, it is necessary to request the service online, online for the first time and when you have fully repaid it.

Will be able to do it even faster and even easier every next time


A quick sms loan has a number of advantages where the client is essentially very mobile and almost unlimited. Why do we say that? In case you are an existing client of ours who has already used loan services then you know how simple we are and we do not like to complicate.

We aim to pay you a quick loan as soon as possible, so we give you the opportunity to get into your checking account with as little difficulty, paperwork and wasted time as possible. Is there anything faster than sending an SMS with a code after which you just have to wait a short while and you will already be able to spend your money.

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All of this saves you valuable time and speeds up the complete process of paying off the loan to your account. You will receive instructions on how and how to contact us for a quick sms loan after repaying the first loan in full. You never have to think again if you have the money to pay overheads and cover the debts that have accumulated.

Forget about standing in rows and hustling at counters, picking up paperwork and going to the bank several times. We save your time and money by giving you a unique opportunity that is not missed. Without notaries and employers’ certificates use a quick sms loan and in one day get cash in kuna.

With the sms fast loan


We have a wide variety of other financing services that can help you, your family or friends settle their debt as quickly as possible. It’s important to know that all our services are short-term and can be requested with a maximum repayment period of up to 12 monthly installments.

In terms of costs, they are transparent and clearly displayed on our site, which you can visit via PC, tablet or smartphone. We do not do business to deceive you!

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